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September 01, 2007

Letters and comic


Dear Rogue Voice:
Recently, on a relaxing trip to Cayucous, I enjoyed the Henry Miller [July 2007] version of your journal. It was a refreshing and stark contrast to some of the conservative valley rags that I saw on my trip to the coast. The combination of the pace, tempo, sun, surf and your publication made for an enlightened visit to the Central Coast, the part of California that time forgot.

Matt Lindon
Salt Lake, Utah

A bunch of ‘piranha penises’

Dear Stacey:
The other day I received a phone call from a kind man named Rich. He was calling people like myself who advertise in The Rogue Voice to inform us that in your last issue you called members of a Cayucos church a “bunch of piranha penises” [Editor’s Rant, August 2007]. I found this hard to believe. It doesn’t even really make any sense to call a person, let alone a churchgoing Christian, a “piranha penis.” He said that that church feeds hungry children and does other good things in the community and that you shouldn’t call them names. He also said you had a picture of Jesus smoking a bong. Isn’t that something you smoke pot out of? I don’t remember seeing anywhere in the Bible where Jesus smoked pot. Plus, Rich told me that you do not even go to church and that all you do is sit around thinking up the next bad thing to say about Christians. I expressed my dismay and told him that I would ask you about this. Before hanging up, Rich told me “god bless you.”
So what’s the deal, Stacey? Did you call Christians piranha penises? I am not much of a reader, so I didn’t see the last issue. But if so, why do you think Christians are piranha penises? Does a piranha even have a penis? What does one look like? How often do you go to church? I only run a small ad in The Rogue Voice, but I don’t want my clients asking me about piranha penises. Maybe you could clear these things up. Thanks.

Greg M.
Morro Bay

(a confused, concerned advertiser)

Editor’s note: Yes, Greg, you’re right. It doesn’t make sense to call anyone a “piranha penis.” I sure didn’t. Is “Rich” mental? Or someone you just made up? You’re very funny, Greg. I doubt this “Rich” person is even real, and if he is, you may want to run for the hills because he sounds a little loose in the head.
Lately, I’ve been going to church about once every five years. Before that, it was every day. I stopped going because I kept running into people like “Rich.”

Made my day

Del, what a great story, meeting Ted Williams with your dad. I don’t think too many kids get to see their father acknowledged and validated by such a genuine hero. This account of meeting Ted Williams really made my day. Keep on writing.

Tom Parks
San Luis Obispo

A welcome addition

Dear Rogue Voice:
I read the letter from Anne and Doug in your August issue. There are many simple and uplifting and wholesome and family friendly papers. I’m happy for the people who like them. However, I want to hear from people who have experienced another side of the Central Coast too. The poor, the homeless, the disenfranchised live here too. Come on, the largest “hotel” in the county is California Mens Colony, for Pete’s sake. There is a lot of beauty in this county but there is also a lot of ugliness, snobbery, and complete lack of empathy for those less fortunate.
The Rogue Voice is a welcome addition for me. I especially like Ben and Dell. I also look forward to more essays from women. Thanks.

Dayle S.
Rural Creston, CA

Editor’s note: Dayle, we also appreciate the plethora of simple papers scattered throughout SLO County. And we’re happy for the people who prefer them before us. Anne and Doug don’t have to read The Rogue Voice if they want to be happy. And there are many in the area who share their feelings. This month’s cover piece, “In defense of the SLO life,” by Duane Hagabee of San Luis Obispo offers just such a view.

Do it in a Toyota

Dear Ben:
I love the column [Window Washing Across America]—I read it to keep me going through my stationary summer. I usually go on long road trips, but this one I’m stuck in San Francisco. If you ever do it again, I would highly recommend going with a Toyota Chinook. Small enough to parallel park in your average spot, yet big enough for a full bed. You can also close all the curtains and make it pitch black. Since it’s the size of a large pick-up, I could park and sleep in downtown Seattle and no one would bother me—cops don’t think you’re in there. And the engine runs forever and gets fairly good gas mileage.


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