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July 01, 2007

Letters and comics

A billy goat
for Franklin

I really don’t think that the dog being on Dell’s bed was because Dell is so nice that he was “sharing” it [“A guide to furnishing a beach shack,” June, 2007]. It’s more likely that the dog was, and does, jump up upon it, just to get a small distance away from him, when the opportunity presents itself.
Cats and dogs are fine, but judging from the yard, what the guy really needs is a goat.
I’m of a mind to buy one at the Templeton livestock auction, and drop it off there (when nobody is looking).
Tell Dell that if he doesn’t laugh a little, instead of angrily sputtering and spraying, he’ll be getting a stinky ‘ol billy instead of something that would be better on the barbecue, after it gets done mowing the yard…

Mark Quisenberry
Morro Bay, Calif.

Editor’s note: Dell recently moved as part of the Cayucos Relocation Program for the Indigenous Poor (CRIP). He now lives in a new Dogpatch a few blocks away. Last time we checked, Charlie Mitchell’s cattle truck was parked out front…

Rogue in vogue
Your T-shirt ad—photospread—is, well…
I’ve always thought the RV logo/masthead is perfecto. Now I know the ass facts.
The Rogue banner is a picture of rugged Africa and wild humanity. Cornel Wilde, the adventurous-athletic-anti-PC actor of the 1950s and 1960s did a film about Africa. He was a great white hunter being chased by a tribe of headhunters. The movie begins with a scene of an elephant, dead, with a massive hole in its stomach. A pygmy pops out of his pachyderm, a bloody hunk of meat in his hands.
The Rogue Voice is naked raw truth. Your ad models this fact.
Nice design. I want one.

In vogue, and wild…
Preston Tierradulce
San Luis Obispo, Calif.

Editor’s note: The rogue elephant in our original design was going to plow through the power stacks in Morro Bay. Now we’ve got him spread across the backs of beautiful women and fearless men where he’ll be safe from pygmies scouring pachyderms. To order your Tees, send a check for $17 (includes shipping) to: The Rogue Voice, P.O. Box 491, Cayucos, Calif. 93430. And yes, we prefer raw naked truth, pachyderm and all.

Free at last

Picked up ur paper and can’t put it down. I have been in the rat race for 2 many years. I now live in a trailer park in Morro Bay and love life. I can walk to the bars and the store and that’s all I need. 3 exwives and 40 years of corporate life and finally I am happy! Keep up the gr8 life and paper.

Morro Bay

Dear readers: Please make note of the long years of slavery, the 40 years in the wilderness, this sojourner suffered before finally finding freedom and happiness. Why wait? Try the path Henry Miller suggests: Find your “It” and do whatever “It” wants—now.

Very dangerous precedent

Regarding Dell Franklin’s article on the four pro-war Cal Poly students in his cab [“The culture war,” June 2007]; while it is true that many Chickenhawks roost in America, to stereotype all Cal Poly students based on those four sad examples is just creating a stereotype to justify a personal dislike of some individuals or groups. If they had all been black would you have said that all blacks are Chickenhawks? Since they were all men, can you say that all men are Chickenhawks? Is that silly? Yes. Is that dangerous? Very.

Adrienne Riley
San Luis Obispo, Calif.

Dell responds: Any able-bodied person who says he supports the war and won’t fight in it, whether black, white, male or female, is a Chickenhawk.

No beef for a burger

My mother used to serve Sloppy Joe burgers when I was a kid. I hated them. Wouldn’t eat them: Sloppy, nasty slime that you couldn’t even call a burger.
It was mom’s way of trying to save a buck while filling the kids’ bellies with something to eat.
Well, that’s kinda how I feel about Dell Franklin’s living standards, if you can call them that. Just plain old sloppy and not even enough beef to make a burger or fill your belly.
If I were Dell, I’d think about switching up a little, changing his standard of living diet, upgrading his Sloppy Joe standards to quarter-pound steakhouse standards where life doesn’t get any sweeter.
But if he likes sleeping on old couches while his dog lives like royalty, more power to him.

Sam Jett
Los Angeles


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