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May 01, 2007

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Blurbs from our blog
Editor’s note: We thought we’d try something a little different and include comments from our blog page: Check it out. We’ve love to hear from more of you.

On McCarthy’s [Rogue of the Month: Billy Hales, April 2007]
Dear Billy:
Oh hell, man, all the action is going to move down to YOUR place.
McCarthy’s has been right at the core of everything for so damned many years, it could go NOWHERE else!
Just the very way the bar was moved. I absolutely LOVED the guys moving the bar down the street, and stopping at every watering hole between the old location and the new! How fitting.
Think of it like this: The chichi element of San Luis did NOT push McCarthy's to Nipomo and Marsh: The NEW CENTER of San Luis is NOW at Nipomo and Marsh!
Think Gaelic, man! WE rule!

An Irishman of Some Repute

On Trouble in paradise [‘Cold blue mannequin,’ April 2007]
It’s no diffrent in Rural Americana Michigan. Asthetics rule, who cares how ugly and crooked the powers that be really are? Let’s hide the “dregs” of our society so they can pretend we don't exist and pretty up downtown even though it’s dying. Others turn a blind eye, either from fear of retribution, being ostracized by their wealthy, power-wielding cohorts or just plain apathy ‘cause they don’t think it affects them. In the end, we all lose. So much for the greater good, eh?


On ‘Close to utopia,’ April 2007
Dell Franklin:
You are no slacker. This short piece was one of the best I have ever read, and I have read a lot. Sort of reminds me of the fast snap and patter of the Mickey Spilane novels.


On ‘high tide,’ April 2007
Excellent writing and imagination…from a commercial fisherman’s standpoint, I was right there with you…even down to smoking the joint as your boat went under…


On New Times [‘Happy in SLO,’ April 2007]
Being new to the New Times, I read this article with genuine interest. I checked the New Times archives to see exactly what sort of edgy articles Stacey Warde must want to see more of. Under a search of his byline I found the following: "Vasectomies gone bad," an article about ... I couldn't bring myself to read it; "Worm power," about a composting program in SLO schools; "Granny with gumption," about just that; and "Committed and gay," also about just that. Thanks for your thoughts, Stacey, but I think I'll look elsewhere for advice on investigative journalism.

Patrick Howe
[New Times]

Patrick Howe neglects to mention that he's the new managing editor of New Times.
Go ahead, Patrick, and look elsewhere for advice on investigative journalism, but the fact is that New Times isn't living up to the watchdog legacy that Steve Moss left behind upon his death.
Additionally, my record, both as a freelance writer and managing editor (which you conveniently left out) for New Times speaks for itself.

Stacey Warde
The Rogue Voice

Rogue should check there (sic) facts and sources. For instance Mr. Blackburn qoutes me with out even talking to me and when did Dave become an expert on New Times circulation. If the Rogue wanted to publish the facts all you needed to do was to give me a call. Mr. Blackburn is maybe upset that he didn't get the editors job at New Times. I stand behind every story published in New Times and always will. And for Dave maybe I can get him a job in are (sic) circulation department. Steve Moss was a great Editor, we all knew that. All of us here at New Times will be working hard to continue his work.

Bob Rucker
[New Times]

Bob, you need to check your spelling before you post things online. You run your own paper, but you can't tell 'their' from 'there.' Don't you have any peon interns who bed down in old issues of new times at your bidding to proof your blogs for you? Well, obviously not, but you really should, Bob. You really should.
By the way, if you stand by every story you publish, why did you apologize for that one infamous one?

Allison Hardman

Patrick Howe, man of 'genuine interest,' did it ever occur to you that "Vasectomies gone bad" was a truly thought-provoking piece of excellent investigative journalism?
What makes an article edgy, Patrick? Have you even thought about it, or are you simply responding viscerally (uninformed and unduly biased) to Stacey simply because he once worked for NT and now he's shedding light on their recent trend toward lackluster and Christian journalism?
He's made these observations about your bread and butter for a reason. That does not diminish the quality of the articles he wrote for New Times simply because you looked up the titles without ever considering the works.

Allison Hardman


Don't be so hard on Patrick. He's new to your hard-hitting type of investigative journalism.
His last job was as a cub reporter for the Associated Press somewhere in the upper Midwest. So you know that most of his experience was rewriting press releases; he'll fit right in at the current New Times with its emphasis on advertising supplements (something they used to rag the Telegram-Tribune about) and the junior high school version of the Shredder (that is now no longer worth bothering to read—and hasn't been for several years).


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