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April 01, 2007


Keep on writing those letters

Dear Rogue Voice readers:
Thank you to all who have written letters to the State Bar of California and Gov. Schwarzenegger stressing the injustice which has occurred to my father and me (see “Trapped,” Oct. 2006).
I’m pleased to inform you that the State Bar Client Security Fund Commission ruled unanimously in a final non-appealable decision on Nov. 16, 2006, to award my mother $24,350 as a result of the “gross misconduct” committed by our former appellate attorney, Richard P. Dangler Jr. Dangler’s misconduct, filing our appeal 280 days later after a one-year deadline established by the court, caused our appeal to be procedurally barrred forever by the federal court.
The monetary judgment isn’t enough to hire a dream team of appellate lawyers, however, it is a step in the right direction towards convincing Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to grant us executive clemency, where we have no other legal remedy available.
Thanks so much for supporting my efforts towards freedom and for appreciating my monthly column, “Life in the Cage.”

Tito David Valdez Jr.

Thanks for the trip back

LOVED your article [“A moveable antique,” March, 2007] on McCarthy’s! As a resident of SLO County since 1968, I’ve enjoyed many a rendezvous over the years with this “congregation” of characters, bartenders, and doorpersons that created the holistic personality that is this special place. You captured the spirit very well and while I haven’t had an opportunity to go there for some time of late; your story sent me right back to the multiple moments with good pals and good vibes that were shared in that unique “temple.” Thanks for the trip back to simpler days when life felt lighter and more rich than ever before or after.


Call ‘em ‘pseudo-Christians’

Reading your commentary titled, “His banner is love” [Feb. 2007], brought on a case of deja vu that I haven’t felt since the late ‘60s. Prior to becoming a Christian while in the Army in 1972 I had encountered numerous morons of the type you describe in your commentary. I guess they all go to the same school on how to alienate and piss off agnostics, atheists, (insert releigion of your choice). The main reason I did not become a Christian until 1972 was because of that type of behavior. It was during the so-called Jesus freak movement and people were passing out Christian tracts like candy. My favorite admonition while receiving such a tract was,”If you get hit by a truck when you go outside before accepting Christ as your savior you will go to hell.” Well, to a 17-year-old who did not like being told what to do on a good day, that kind of threat just pushed me further away. Some of these people were actually good-hearted and meant well, they just couldn’t see the forest for the trees. When I encounter people like that these days it is much easier to just not consider them as Christians. I lump them all under the banner of being pseudo-Christians.
I try not to even let on that I am a Christian these days what with the likes of the Dobson’s, Robertson’s and the Haggert’s with their perverted, bastardization of Christianity. With their mega-churches controlling vast numbers of Christians in cult-like fashion, using litmus test words of hate and fear in an effort to numb and dumb their congregations to the real message of Christ. Rather than hearing about the Sermon on the Mount they regale their masses with an “Eye for an eye…”.
Personally, the last place that I would want my kids to be taught morals is in church, any church. That is best left to the parents, although that scenario scares me as well. The last time that I attended church was over twelve years ago. I was doing fine until the pastor stated, “And if you vote for any Democrat you are voting in sin.” With a few nasty words to the pastor on the side, I walked out and have been blissfully, spiritually happy ever since….

c. knudson


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