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March 01, 2007

Letters and feedback

‘I love this paper’
Dear Editor:
Hello to all folks of The Rogue Voice. I picked up your good paper at the store at Gorda. It was the only good thing available at Gorda, where 1 1/2 gallons of jug-style drinking water costs $8.85 and no one wants to ever say hello.
I love this paper. Please create a subscription for me. I live in the Santa Cruz area where we have two weekly rags dedicated to the rich consumer lifestlye, fashion and do-gooder human interest. We lack a real literary publication of any kind. It is a delight to find you. Thank you. Enclosed $25.

Jennifer Lovejoy
Soquel, Calif.

Bum rap
Dear Editor:
I really enjoy your paper. The articles “telling it like it is” are refreshing yet sad. I reflect on my life and observations daily.
I see very little if any hope. I’ve spent my life trying to help people help themselves to little avail. I have a B.A., worked in V.I.S.T.A. for a year, worked in India with Mother Teresa for six months, worked with handicapped and wanted to be a priest at one time. In spite of a severe neurological problem from birth, I perse-vered and disciplined myself. I am in my 50s and see so many younger people using the system and whining. Maybe you ought to write an article, “I want to be a BUM.” They really seem to enjoy that lifestyle. We keep giving them more crutches and fish instead of teach-ing them how to fish for themselves.
I go home and cook, wash dishes, do laundry, do mail, etc., while these people go to get a free meal and bed with NO responsibility, claiming they can’t function because of one thing or another.
Maybe this is destiny or just our “path,” as the Buddhists say. I have thought like this and taken action all my life but now I am very tired, upset and confused when I see and hear these things daily.

Salvatore Gambino Jr.
San Luis Obispo, Calif.

In remembrance of these things
Dear Mr. Warde:
Thank you for the article, "His banner is love” [Commentary, February 2007]. You make some very good points, worthy of thought, things about which I need to be reminded, now and then.

Rev. Les Bishop

Thanks for the ‘Voice’
Dear Editor:
Making my first trip across the states from Michigan to California this past October I was fortunate enough to find one of your papers in a box somewhere (around Monterey I believe) and was immediately taken with it.
Have just recently finished October’s issue and had to pull it out just to locate you guys on the net. It is amazing how I feel drawn to your mag. I have been considered an outcast for my outspoken habits in my own community so it is nice to know that others suffer these indignities as well.
Have dabbled in all sorts of “careers” from office, factory, retail, also drove a cab in our local area for a time, worked the night shift in a 24-hour convenience store where I met Michael Jay Jackson (on the FBI’s Most Wanted List 12/26/2003 for home invasion; his buddy Otis Nelson shot a Grand Rapids, MI cop). He came in to exchange vehicles and apparently liked me so did not rob the store, kill me and take my car as he had planned. We spoke for nearly four hours that Christmas night, also the day of the tsunami.
Someone (or something) was watching over both of us. I have fought city hall and won, ran for city council in 1997 on a write-in ballot and was only defeated by a political science major who worked as an aide for one of our Michigan senators by 11 votes (53-64). Our locals had to “pull out the big guns” in order to keep me off of their council. Me a lowly outspoken housewife was that big of a threat to our mayor and his cronies. He still considers me a thorn in his side.
Thank you for giving “rogues” a voice!

Kate Perry

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