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November 01, 2006

Letters and feedback

Rogue Republicans seek clemency
Dear Gov. Schwarzenneger:
We are rogue Republicans.
We call ourselves “rogue” Republicans because we are both fiscally conservative, socially liberal, do not think that the Republican party of today practices the tenets of less government intrusion in our lives and wise federal spending. We are concerned about the environment, about world population, about alternate energy, stem cell research and family planning, about the separation of church and state—all needs that are being either ignored or downright eliminated by our present Republican leaders at the federal level. We vote our conscience rather than any party line. My wife and I voted for you and will do so again in November. We are gratified that you have come out strongly against pollution and global warming and support stem cell research in spite of the White House stand on these issues. You seem to have an ear to some of our society’s misconceptions of the meaning of the word “democracy,” therefore our reason for optimism in writing to you and asking your indulgence regarding the following request.
First, we ask that you read the enclosed “Rogue” newspaper article [“Trapped,” November 2006] regarding Tito Valdez and his situation. His clemency case has been on your desk since March of 2005. We ask that you to study the case and act on it compassionately and in a timely manner.
Just this month, here on the Central Coast, a man convicted of voluntary manslaughter was sentenced to a mere seven years in prison, whereas Mr. Valdez was given 25 years to life on very possibly trumped up charges for complicity in a possible but never completed murder.
If ever there was reason for clemency from the governor, this case is it.
We do not know Mr. Valdez personally and have never written this sort of letter before. But we have been reading his monthly articles in this newspaper for some time now and have come to respect his ability to express himself in a straightforward and honest way.

Very Sincerely,
James Maul and Beverly Maul
Morro Bay, Calif.

Marked by words
Dear David:
I don’t know you…and you don’t know me. Regardless of that, your words have definitely marked me. I don’t want to say I’m sorry for your situation because I don’t know the truth. Maybe you committed a horrible crime, maybe you didn’t. Either way, I know that life is made up of endless experiences and events that happen for a reason. Sometimes things are unbearable…but no matter what, if you look inside yourself you can find purpose, meaning…a reason to continue. I could never imagine what you are going through. All I can do is thank you for making an impact…You make me appreciate what I have…for that…you have a purpose…You’re life may be confined, but your words—they are free….

Cal Poly student

Gruesome election battle
I just wanted to thank you for your honesty. There is something very pure about your words. I am a 19-year-old girl. It is my first year at Cal Poly, and I love it. I love the fact that I can drive 10 minutes and have the ocean in front of me. That thought is very calming to me.
Not that you can answer me, but what kind of stress do you come across? It sounds like an odd question, but I have no idea what you encounter. It sounds like your life is simple, yet so emotionally complex.
Elections are coming up. I am very interested in politics. It’s a battle this election. Very gruesome.
Well, I hope this letter brings you some happiness. Thank you for your honesty.

Cal Poly student

And from our blog…
Oh pulleze. I think Tito is *exactly* where he deserves to be. Nice try though.



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