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July 01, 2006

Why I'm not patriotic

It’s obvious that blind patriotism is destroying America

By Steve Terranova

“Peace is Patriotic,” the signs read at our futile antiwar protests. I never really bonded with the idea. Nor did I get behind the “Support the Troops: Bring Them Home!” signs. Sure, bringing the troops home is the best thing for everyone, but the irritating message they were trying to refute, smugly delivered by glazed-over automatons in SUVs sporting magnetic yellow ribbons, put us in a bind.
“Support the Troops,” they’d holler, driving off with a big sneer. They knew they had us. What were we supposed to do, cheer the troops onto some kind of “victory” while they shot, bombed and tortured Iraqis who were ostensibly defending their country from us, the foreign invader? What about the civilian “collateral damage”? What about the people just plain killed in cold blood by frustrated soldiers, still working out their adolescent rage and arrogance? Am I supposed to cheer on raw imperialism just because the poor guys and gals sent over to do the bidding of the thugs in power didn’t know what, or who they were really fighting for? No thanks.
I suppose that I can see the idea behind saying that peace is patriotic. We purportedly live in a democracy, and part of that democratic process is dissent. So, in a time of war, those who are dissenting and pushing for peace are exercising good old, American democracy. Nice theory, anyway. In reality, once war starts, all bets are off. Our leaders know this all too well, which is why they are so damn happy to start up a war.
When I worked the Peace Table at the Farmer’s Market in San Luis Obispo, I saw that first hand. We became traitors, a focus of hatred, with a surprisingly ignorant citizenry brainwashed into believing that we were trying to destroy the country. After the war in Iraq started and we continued to set up the Peace Table, things got really ugly. I still recall a guy from the PFLAG table (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) coming up to me and saying that it was “seditious” to protest the war after it started. Didn’t any of these people remember Vietnam? It got so bad that I left the country for a couple of years.
To me, saying that “peace is patriotic” is almost as Orwellian as saying that “war is peace.” Patriotism is about choosing sides. It is about ignoring the misdeeds of your own country, while trying to highlight those of others. It is about using the resources of other countries with impunity. And it is about believing that the lives of people in other countries are less important than those here. Apart from the Fourth of July, when I start hearing talk of patriotism and see a lot of American flags waving, I think one thing: War is on the way.
Perhaps patriotism once served a purpose as this country became what it is today (of course, Native Americans might see it differently), but those days are long gone. This world could be annihilated in a matter of minutes. There is little point in creating divisions between countries with terms like “The Axis of Evil.” Eventually, we will not be able to sustain these enemies, so usefully created by our corrupt leaders. Maybe that time has already come.
The patriotic fervor that has gripped Americans since 9/11 has created a country barely recognizable by its founding principles. Suddenly, we have a president who seems unbound by the laws of the country. Free speech? Seditious. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”? Forget about it. The right to privacy? Gone. Torture? No problem. Invading other countries? All in a day’s work. It should be obvious that blind patriotism is destroying America.
This country is a beautiful place and the people of this country have achieved many things, but we have to start thinking about what is best for the world. Isolationism has led to a kind of ignorance and arrogance in America that is really causing a lot of human misery. The only patriotism that might serve a useful purpose is patriotism to the world as a whole. American patriotism should be left in the scrap heap, like that of other empires of the past. §

Steve Terranova is a peace activist and ex-expatriated, ex-patriot living on the Central Coast of California.


At 7:45 PM, Blogger Bobby St. Chomsky said...

Thank you, Steve for those illuminating, thoughtful and oh so true words. I couldn't have described that particular core malignancy in the American culture any better or more completely than you did.

I am going to share this brilliant essay with members of my Peace Posse.


At 8:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a great peice of writing Steve, you must have been through some shit over the last few years. Keep strong, because things will change for the better, the world is waking up and if we keep telling it like it is, before long we'll be back on top!

At 9:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What of load of BS.

At 6:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve, I'm sure you're a nice, sweetheart of a human being.

But say, how did we defeat Hitler---by offering him boxes of chocolates with fancy ribbons ? Did we seduce him with bouquets of freshly cut flowers ? Did we recite poems about nature to him ?

No, we sent muscular men armed to the teeth with tanks and guns.

That is how we liberated Europe from Hitler.

How did Lincoln preserve the Union, and thereby ultimately free the slaves from the bonds of slavery---by sending Jefferson Davis a freshly baked pecan pie accompanied by a note expressing how Lincoln "understood how the South was entitled to its anger at the Northern states' policies regarding slavery" ?

No, Lincoln sent muscular men armed to the teeth with cannons and guns. And William T. Sherman burned a path throughout the southeast on his infamous march through Atlanta.

That is how war brings "peace."

Didn't you ever see the Brady Bunch episode where the schoolyard bully was bullying little Cindy ?
Peter tried to 'reason' with the bully, but the bully laughed at him, and punched Peter out.

Next time the bully was harrassing little Cindy, Peter punched the bully in the mouth.

The bully didn't bother Cindy after that.

Again, that is how war brings "peace."

At 8:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a very happy Dependence Day, Steve.

At 9:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Patriotism is about choosing sides. It is about ignoring the misdeeds of your own country, while trying to highlight those of others."

What is it when you highlight the misdeeds of your own country while ignoring those of others?

B Moe

At 3:46 AM, Blogger Pablo said...

glazed-over automatons in SUVs sporting magnetic yellow ribbons

Is there a reason you linked to this cut and paste drivel?

It's like Ted Rall on a day he wasn't even trying to be clever.

At 8:28 AM, Anonymous skyrider7 said...

I have never had occassion to look up the meaning of the word "no" but it seems I must begin with the simple to answer the complex machinations of middle class American bred egos spewing self hatred from the comfort of government protected ineliable rights. Ahhh America, beautiful from the "Oceans to the Mountains to the Seas... God Bless her."

No is defined by Webster as "used as a function word to express the negative of an alternative choice or possibility." To Patriotism and war, and the sacrifice of our soldiers that you so casually belittle, you say "no thanks" You have chosen the "negative to an alternative choice or possibility..." From your Farmer's market Peace Table you rant and rage at those choosing the positive alternative. You forget that war is a horrible means to an end. Sometimes it brings freedom, as in WWII or hey the American Revolution, or the French or on and on. Sometimes it brings repression, as in the Cuban revolution or the Chinese, or Russian and oh yeahh Viet Nam.

When will the peace loving, American haters, give an alternate to resolving conflicts oter than calling the citizenry that supports the efforts of its government to protect them ignorance???

Enough said.

At 11:15 AM, Blogger TM Lutas said...

While blind patriotism *is* a destructive force, there certainly is an alternative, decent patriotism that is conspicuous by its absence in the above post. There can be no honest, admirable patriots. Iraq cannot have a sovereign government that has requested that we stay until they can defend themselves, our troops could not be the most decent alternative available in decades for millions of people that we've liberated.


We must have our two minute hate of patriotism and the truth be damned.


At 8:11 PM, Blogger dontFEEDtheKOOKS said...

You kooks are doomed by your ignorance. Don't you realize that America has rejected your platform of hate bush, hate the military and hate this country?. Then you spin it around and say that standing against America makes you more patriotic. Nobody's buying it except the kook-bloggers. This kind of kook-speak only makes the majority more anxious to keep you out of power and quite frankly makes you look like absolute fools. You can't just redefine an issue to suit your position. Well, you can but you'll never win another national election.

At 8:44 PM, Anonymous Bill said...

Jeez, what brought out all the wingnuts? Thanks, Steve; I know how you feel. To all the wingnuts: I'll be happy to be patriotic again just as soon as my country stops invading foreign countries for no good reason. For Gods' sake, you assholes, I WANT to be patriotic! You and your criminal gang in Washington stole that from me.

At 9:18 PM, Blogger Shawn said...

Interesting article from my local paper on the difference between patriotism and nationalism.

At 7:43 AM, Blogger Cyrus said...

The patriotic fervor that has gripped Americans since 9/11 has created a country barely recognizable by its founding principles. Suddenly...

The only patriotism that might serve a useful purpose is patriotism to the world as a whole. American patriotism should be left in the scrap heap, like that of other empires of the past.

Steve Terranova is a peace activist and ex-expatriated, ex-patriot living on the Central Coast of California

"Terranova"? Heh, appropriate name.

I guess I can sympathize with the spirit of this post, but you lost me at the "suddenly". What we're dealing with today is nothing new. Even if Bush is the worst president ever, he has fierce competition. Bush is dangerously incompetent, he would enjoy being a dictator and the term "creeping fascism" is very appropriate for the unitary executive, even if it sounds unfortunately hyperbolic. But it does no one any favors to act like it's an accomplished fact.

America is in trouble today, but it's not the first time. The Trail of Tears, the Tuskegee experiment, the internment of Japanese-Americans, slavery, the Civil War, the KKK, robber barons in the late 19th century — Bush had nothing to do with any of that. Many people choose to whitewash all that, no pun intended, and maintain a simplistic, jingoistic patriotism. Many others deal with all of it, but appreciate that America has deservedly been a world leader in a lot of ways, and love it warts and all.

But I suppose I'd ruin my idealistic, corny, "reasonable liberal" routine if I pointed out that in my opinion, the two groups correlate* to those who support still Bush and those who don't. Oh well.

* Not perfectly, no, but closely. And there are more viewpoints than just those two choices, of which your post expresses just one. But anyways, by and large...

At 1:31 PM, Blogger Zenseeker said...

I wrote this about the Vietnam war and the flaw in logic of blindly following our leaders. Read more about it and play the Back Stabbing Joe Lieberman Flash game I made here:

Hello Mr. Chopra, living in San Diego, I have read your books and your writings are not as balanced and harmonious as you might think, but overall well-meaning and thought provoking; but on this occasion, in regards to your remarks about “Vietnamese”, I have to respond and to also clarify about the “Vietnam war” in general as posted at my website that I designed for people to vote for the truthiest news.

You said:
“If I had been invited to Camp David with Mr. Bush, I would have given my invitation to former Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara, the architect of the war in Vietnam. What doomed us in that conflict, Mr. McNamara now believes, is that we knew almost nothing about our enemy, the North Vietnamese.
We didn't know how they thought or what they wanted. The whole enterprise of the war was wrapped up in a monolithic idea - "defeating Communism around the world" - just as the present war is wrapped up in defeating global terrorism. Nobody looked closer and tried to understand the people on the other side.”

I was born in Saigon in 1965, and when my Vietnamese parents fled the country on April 20th, 1975 and brought our entire family here, first to Camp Pendleton then to San Diego, and ever since, I have seen America, my country, changed and realized for the worse, right before my eyes. The idealism and foundation that I was taught and aspire to since elementary through UCSD is no longer clear or absolute as I once thought or held dear. Even the very question and nature about the “Vietnam war” and what it was all about is being re-written and redefined as we speak. This is why I want to clarify this issue with you in regards to your comments quoting McNamara’s about the “Vietnamese” and them being “our enemy”. It is this overall perception and casual categorization of the term “our enemy” that I want to clarify and specify before it gets muted and muddied. Who won, who lost, who could have won is being re-drawn and reshaped as if history is a piece of clay for the architects of power to playfully sculpt in a contest to see who can artistically express their specific vision of reality first, given four plus years. This, of course is totally and at the core: American, the pursuit and realization of your specific dream, any and all your dreams if you want, at any costs, if only you have enough will. It all comes down to will power! Ki! For as Napoleon Hill so aptly puts it: “thoughts are things”, and it does not matter how selfish those thoughts can be either, or how perverted or how one sided, it does not matter, you should not constrain yourself by holding back your deepest desires; if you can dream it, you can realize it, the grander the better, the more people it affects and governs, the more territory it encompasses it, more power, points and fame to you.

Back to Vietnam, if anyone of us would take just a few minutes and google and do a little conscientious research about the “Vietnam war”, you would quickly find out that the war was manufactured and that the Vietnamese never attacked us first. They never tried to invade us, or steal our oil or fly planes into us. They never had a religion or a God that was better or came before our God or had multiple Gods. They just wanted to be free: from the Chinese, the Japanese, and from the French… and from us! Just like we all want to be free.
Barbara Tuchman puts it best:
“Americans were always talking about freedom from Communism, whereas the freedom that the mass of Vietnamese wanted was freedom from their exploiters, both French and indigenous. The assumption that humanity at large shared the democratic Western idea of freedom was an American delusion. "The freedom we cherish and defend in Europe," stated President Eisenhower on taking office, "is no different than the freedom that is imperiled in Asia." He was mistaken. Humanity may have common ground, but needs and aspirations vary according to circumstances.”
And as Arthur Silber describe the likely sourse and origin of this pervading attitude:
“Western civilization, more particularly the United States, constitutes the highest point of possible human development. It is only "freedom" and "democracy" as practiced in the West that can guarantee a future of peace. (Never mind the West's uninterrupted history of warfare within its own ranks, and never mind the West's unending, centuries-long interference with the rest of the world.) The West has the answer to successful human life. Since it does, and because certain elements in the rest of the world have now chosen to attack us on our own ground (and never mind that we have invaded and ruled over vast portions of the rest of the world since time immemorial), we must enlighten those benighted portions of the globe in our defense. Our chosen method of enlightenment is brute military force, to be deployed even against countries that did not threaten us. The lack of a genuine threat is no argument against spreading our version of "civilization," for our mission is grounded not only in self-defense: it is also a moral mission. Our success and our "peace" directly correlates to our virtue. Those countries and those civilizations that do not enjoy the same success and peace are without virtue. In the most extreme (and, one could argue, most consistent) version of this tale, non-Western parts of the world are less than human -- and they are subhuman by choice. They are immoral, and sometimes even evil. Since we represent the good and they represent the evil, we are surely entitled to improve them, by invasion and bombing if necessary. If they do not threaten us today, they might at some indeterminate time in the future. And while we might kill many innocent civilians in our campaign of civilization, those who survive will be infinitely better off than they would have been otherwise. Besides, how "innocent" can any of them be -- since they are members of inferior, less than fully human civilizations, and since they are so by choice?” Arthur Silber goes on to say:
“It is this belief, together with the entire Western perspective to which it is connected, that was imperiled by our ignominious defeat in Vietnam. And it is the same belief and perspective that is now so threatened by the Iraq catastrophe.
You can see the desperation the hawks experience when facing this challenge to their worldview in any number of articles. As just one example, consider my examination of a Mark Steyn column from a few years ago, in an essay entitled, "They Are the Damned." In his profoundly dishonest attack on John Kerry, Steyn gives away his much deeper concern right here: "The only relevant lesson from Vietnam is this: then, as now, it was not possible for the enemy to achieve military victory over the US; their only hope was that America would, in effect, defeat itself." He then continues:

At 1:03 PM, Blogger plonkeroo said...

May I comment as a Brit, Steve. The same thing as is happening over there in the USA under the Bush regime is also happening here in Britain under the Blair regime.

I think the fundamental thing is that people have confused 'patriotism' with 'nationalism'. Whereas patriotism is a simple expression of pride in one's roots, nationalism is about putting one's country or ideology above all others.

The monster that walks Britain and the USA is mindless nationalism.

At 6:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've done a little research on Steve, and it has provided me with a little insight into his anti-America, anti-Israel, unhinged rants.

Steve was ridiculed by the jocks in high school, and did not receive the attention from females during his adolescent years that he so desperately coveted.

As a result, his adolescent 'outsider' status has led him to oppose the establishment at every turn during his adult life.

It's kind of sad, actually.

To a degree, he suffers from arrested development.
Because his 'outsider' high school years remain painful memories to him, he is sort of stuck on that period of his life.

He still wears the bad '70's mustache, and still regards his Bachman Turner Overdrive and Led Zeppelin records among his most cherished posessions.

He still resents people with money, and even avoids watching ballgames on television because it merely reminds him of that painful day in 1976 when the star quarterback stuffed him inside the waste basket in the high school gym.

As a result, he not only hates jocks, but Jews, too.

It's kind of a non-sequitir, but that is the way of hatred, isn't it ?

At 11:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the reason Steve is not patriotic is because he hates America.

At 11:11 AM, Blogger Patrick O'Hannigan said...

Steve, I think you've confused "patriotism" with "nationalism." No country can be "recognized by its founding principles," by the way, in that principles are inanimate and must always be tethered to principals, if you get my drift. I'm also not sure how working a peace table at the farmer's market gave you special insight into how politicians several thousand miles away are "so damn happy to start a war," but I'll give you the benefit of doubt on that.

At 6:26 PM, Anonymous Steve Terranova said...

I think that if you asked a collection of Americans on any part of the political spectrum what the difference between patriotism and nationalism is, you would get blank stares. The words mean the same thing to most Americans, in my opinion. This is even more true when the country starts beating the war drums. As to your point about founding principles and principals. If your principals have no principles, then to whom or what are you directing your patriotism (or nationalism as the case may be).
By the way, while I learned a lot working the "Peace Table" at the Farmer's Market, I don't claim that as a source of insight for my views on American leaders. I call this common sense. I don't see how anyone who observes the history of this country over the past several decades could realistically dispute the fact that our leaders have had a bloodlust for war.

At 12:23 PM, Blogger plonkeroo said...

Steve, how about deleting some of those abusive and inane comments? They get in the way of understanding.

At 3:35 PM, Blogger Patrick O'Hannigan said...


The "U.S. leaders have bloodlust for war" assertion would be more impressive if Gulf War II (the one we're in) hadn't been a continuation of Gulf War I, which started not because Northrop and General Dynamics talked the Pentagon into live weapons testing on brown people, but because Saddam Hussein (remember him?) decided to invade Kuwait. He was thrown out of Kuwait with American help, only to begin violating terms of the cease fire agreement as soon as he'd signed it. That doesn't even get to the string of broken U.N. resolutions. And if you think Karl Rove or Dick Cheney or any collection of Americans was both smart and cynical enough to engineer all that so the Marines would be in Fallujah in 2006, then your perception of American power needs serious revision.

At 4:00 PM, Anonymous Steve Terranova said...

To say that the U.S. invaded Iraq in the first Gulf War because Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait is a bit of an oversimplification, don't you think? Yes, any war can have it's created reasons (remember the "babies on the bayonette propaganda?), but just maybe there were some other justifications, such as the huge amount of oil in the region and the fact that we had a large military-industrial buildup and defense contractors made a bundle from that war (most of those who were involved, Bush I, Cheney, etc., went on to work for these defense contractors, you may recall, making a fortune). Isn't that exactly what Republican President Eisenhower tried to warn against? The people in power have little trouble creating a justification for a war. If it wasn't Iraq, it would have been Iran or Syria or Venezuela or North Korea. They can always find a place to have a war and they can always find a way to get the people all pumped up on blind patriotism in support of it.

At 12:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First off i would like to appoligize ahead time for my spelling and and typing skills...see i am a soldier not a writer...I actually feel sad for you Steve, for someone to sit back and make comments like you have torwards our country and a group of men and women that support and defend it no matter what.. right or wrong.....I'm sorry i have never had the oppurtunity to sit at one of your little Farmers Market Peace Talks but i unlike yourself served our country on the ground in Iraq defending our great nation post 9/ i can see where your opinion with Patriotism and Loyalty to our country really matters.....You have no room to comment about a situation like the Gulf Wars or any wars for that matter... until you have actually set foot there in a combat zone....I know Freedom of Speech right...well in your case we should make an exception and kick your butt out of the States for good...It makes me sick to my stomach that i actually lay my life down for people like you...But i know what i fought for and all my friends that i seved with knew what they were fighting for....Get your mind out of the political end of it and think about"YOUR COUNTRYMEN" that are laying it on the line for you to go to your little Farmers Market peace talks and try again next time with a better topic then this... beacause from all the boys over here you are nothing more then a traitor to your country and we as soldiers might not be able to save this world but at least we are trying instead of blabbin our mouth off about things we know nothing about....

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At 1:18 PM, Blogger Marisol said...

I'm not patriotic either. And like you I don't care for the "peace is patriotic" type sentiments. Peace and dissent aren't patriotic - they're a profound threat to the assumption that the security of a political entity must necessarily be attained through the exercise (or threat) of violence.

For that reason I feel that many of the critics here who attempt to shame you into thinking you need to be grateful for the sacrifice undertaken by military members profoundly miss the point:

which is that a rejection of patriotism is a rejection of the idea that "freedom" requires sacrifice at all.

I never asked anyone to defend with their body, life or sanity my "government protected inalienable rights". If a right has to be secured through the sacrifice of some (voluntary or not) - which often entails the imposition of violence or domination on others - then I don't want it. And in fact a "right" obtained only through the necessary exercise of violence or domination is not a right at all, but a privilege.

So the argument that we should refrain from critique because the very possibility of critique is made possible by the flesh and blood sacrifices of military members is bunk, because it assumes that "inalienable rights" 1) can be ensured through a benevolent government and that 2) these rights must be secured and defended by force (by said benevolent government).

But how can you have an inalienable right that is ensured from above or government granted? If something is inalienable, I possess it inherently; it needs no defending, no sacrifice.

In rejecting patriotism, I reject the idea of the necessary sacrifice altogether.

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